Top 3 most popular plumber characters

Who is the plumber which you liked the most?

The life of a plumber is not easy. He needs to have a flexible working schedule and do things, which other individuals avoid doing their entire life. For some plumbers, however, life is a bit different. And this is who we are going to speak about today. There are some epic plumber characters which we all know from movies and games. Here is our TOP 3:

#3 – Max the Plumber

Although he is a bit more of a villain than a hero, Max is a famous character from the Australian classic The Plumber. He is an eccentric individual working in an apartment building who is harassing a couple living in this building by causing more plumbing damage to their property than repair. The story also revolves around an old lady he is harassing as well.

#2 – Kenny

He is again a legendary Australian plumber, who took the world by storm. He is, unlike Max, a character a person can really learn from. Not only because the film he stars in is in a documentary style. He’s easy-going, optimistic, and hilarious, not to mention that he is considered the master of waste removal. He has to deal with many difficult situations in the movie, one of them being his selfish ex-wife, and he does it with a smile!

#1 – Super Mario

The all time favorite video game superhero Mario is the most popular plumber ever since 1981, when the game was first launched. He is a pudgy, moustached Italian, who after his debut in Donkey Kong, appeared in more than 200 other games, and a few movies – now, this is called a career! This heartthrob, who navigates through underground pipes in his adventures, and kills aggressive creatures of any type, has stolen our hearts forever! He is the plumber that kids and adults need when someone has to save the day!

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